Cloud Security: Is Your Property Management Data Safe?

Which is safer: storing your property management data on your computer or in the cloud? Property owners and managers keep a lot of personal and financial data on hand – both their own and their tenants’ – so it’s understandable that data security is a big concern.

3 Ways Property Managers Can Save Time (& Money)

It’s no secret that property managers are busy people. If you’re a successful manager with several properties and a small staff – or no staff – finding new ways to save time can really add up. These three time-saving tech tips can cut hours out of your work month. That’s time you could spend with … Continued

Is Live Streaming The Future Of Apartment Hunting?

What if you could host an open house for 100 potential renters? What about 1000? Ten thousand? What if you could reach every prospect 24-hours a day, 7-days a week? Capitalizing on the flexibility and reach of live streaming apps, property managers are reaching out to a new generation of tenants via social media. Imagine … Continued

Feature Spotlight: SMS Text Messaging

Have you ever wanted to text your tenants to tell them about maintenance at their properties? Or remind them that rent is due? Or reach out to prospects with a special offer? Good news: you can! Yardi Breeze SMS text messaging capabilities make communicating with your prospects and tenants easy. If you’re a Yardi Breeze … Continued

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