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5 Reasons Why There Are More Renters Than Ever

Right now, there are more renters than ever in the United States. And frankly, property managers are getting sick of the millennials. These 20-somethings are always walking around like they rent the place. Get it? We’re hilarious. Millennials make up the majority of the nation’s renters. (And contrary to the joke, they make really good … Continued

5 Safety Tips To Give Tenants Peace Of Mind

Safety is one of your top priorities as a property manager. There are many ways to provide safe living spaces, and we hope this article lists a few safety tips that you might not have thought of yet.

What Pet Policy Is Best For Property Managers?

Property managers have a lot to consider when it comes to a pet policy. Should you permit cats and not dogs? Is there such thing as a dangerous breed? There are pros and cons to letting residents own animals.