California Property Managers Get New Features, More Support

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Yardi has been headquartered in California for over 40 years. We’ve always had strong connections to the state as well as the clients we serve. That’s why we’re proud to continue to sponsor CALNARPM, a bedrock of the California property management industry, even while other real estate software companies have pulled their support.

We had the chance to take your questions at the most recent CALNARPM conference. We’d like to share some expanded responses to what we delivered at the event. And of course, we hope to see every California property manager in person at the next one.

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Can you highlight any specific features in Yardi Breeze that cater to the California market?

Yardi Breeze was designed to be an all-in-one solution. We’re keenly aware that all-in-one does not mean “one size fits all.” So, in addition to full marketing, accounting and property management functionality, Breeze and Breeze Premier also include functionality specifically designed to help property managers comply with California’s unique rent control regulations. The software ensures that you’re able to handle rent increases without worrying about falling out of compliance with local jurisdictions.

Additionally, we offer up-to-date state-based lease documents. Our legal team collaborates with attorneys to provide certified lease documents tailored to California laws. This way, you always know that your leases are legally sound.

In what ways does Yardi Breeze streamline lease management and resident interactions for property managers?

Communication preferences have certainly changed, in part due to shifts that occurred during the pandemic. It’s more common now to see fully digital lease executions covering everything from applications to resident screenings and lease signings — all accessible online.

Additionally, property managers can communicate with residents via email and text for more efficient and convenient interaction. An AI-driven chatbot can be added to act as a virtual leasing agent for prospects and residents seeking information on your property website. We even offer a 24/7 call center for after-hours maintenance emergencies. This gives residents immediate assistance and property managers peace of mind.

How can technology help property management companies address labor shortages?

Breeze offers full-service options that streamline or fully automate accounting. We can handle AR and AP processing, so you never have to stress about paying bills on time or processing rent checks. In the face of labor shortages, these features allow property managers to focus on more important aspects of their business. This not only saves labor but also reduces the cost of processing invoices, providing a significant cost advantage.

What’s more, our system provides online portals for residents to make rent payments and submit maintenance requests. This feature aligns with the industry’s move toward paperless operations. By offering these services online, property managers can reduce paperwork, improve efficiency and provide a more modern service to their residents.

These features demonstrate how Yardi is not only responsive to the current challenges faced by property management companies but also proactive in anticipating future industry trends. We remain committed to supporting California property managers in every way we can.

What role does technology play in fraud prevention within the rental housing industry?

Today, technology plays a crucial role in fraud prevention within the rental housing industry. Yardi offers our comprehensive ScreeningWorks Pro solutions for resident screening, ID verification, document verification and income verification. These tools help property managers ensure that potential residents are who they claim to be, will be welcome additions to their community and have the financial means to meet their rental obligations.

Optional services ID Verify and Income Verification act as a strong deterrent to potential fraudsters — even seeing these screening services in place will let them know they’re not going to get away with their attempted crime.

What about property managers with subsidized housing who are not allowed to perform credit screenings?

In some places, such as Oakland, it’s illegal to perform credit screenings for renters of subsidized housing. That’s why our service is flexible enough to accommodate changes in legislation. Instead of a credit report, subsidized housing managers may need an alternate way to perform screenings.

In these cases, pay stubs and bank statements can be used as complementary or alternate screening tools. We may still send a credit report, but it’s ultimately up to each business to know what they can legally do with that information.

Note on customization: Breeze can handle criminal record screening with ease. However, we recommend Breeze Premier if you need to configure the system to check credit before criminal records.

How should California property managers go about shopping for property management software?

Yardi is a privately owned family business. Though quite large now, our company was built on small and growing businesses, and we remain committed to this market. We believe software and technology designed to help your business be more efficient should be available to all operators, regardless of portfolio size. This is a core tenet of our company culture. When shopping for property management software, California property managers should consider these factors:

Comprehensive features: Look for an all-in-one solution that includes marketing, leasing, operations and a real general ledger accounting system.

Efficiency and accessibility: Look for features that will help you automate and go paperless, such as online lease execution, resident portals and mobile access.

Technical support: Ask about the technical support provided. Check if there’s an option to speak with human technicians and if live chat support is responsive in a timely manner.

Cost of ownership: Understand the overall costs and benefits of ownership. What is your property management system going to cost? What are you going to be able to do with it that you couldn’t do before? Consider also the cost and method of software implementation (we have rapid, full-service and self-service implementation options, all free for Breeze and Breeze Premier clients).

Yardi offers $0 ACH for all clients. We offer special pricing for Breeze Premier: $1 per unit per month when bundled with our resident screening and insurance solutions.

The goal is to offer software that best fits your needs and helps your business operate and grow efficiently. We intend to carry on our legacy of hands-on industry involvement. As always, we’re committed to the needs of property managers in California.