Say Hello To Max In Marketing

Max works on the Breezeway blog, researching and writing the articles you read each week. This time, we had someone else come up with questions for him to answer. Here’s what he has to say about that.

Say Hello To Scott & Sheehan In Marketing

We’re lucky to have these two rock stars on our creative team. To celebrate them being with us, we asked a few questions that got weirder as they went along. We hope you enjoy getting to know Scott and Sheehan!

Say Hello To Griselda In Marketing

It’s time to meet Griselda Ceja-Orozco, a Yardi team member who’s been with us for more than 8 years. She’s also one of our leading experts on Yardi Breeze webinars.

User Spotlight: 5 Questions With Mustafa Ergisi

We’re excited to introduce you to Mustafa Ergisi, our featured Yardi Breeze user. Mustafa and the business he co-founded, Cross Regions Technology LLC, work hard to provide simple solutions to complex problems.

Say Hello To Kyrie In Marketing

Ready to meet another member of our friendly Yardi Breeze team? Kyrie Belme is a marketing specialist who helps us with all kinds of things, including emails and client outreach. If you’re a power user or share feedback with us, there’s a chance you’ll hear from Kyrie! How do you like to spend your free … Continued

Say Hello To Aaron In Sales

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aaron Hanel, a manager in our sales department. People like working with Aaron because he is a happy and positive guy who cares about everyone – his family, his clients and his team members. If you’re lucky, you might run into him at one of our Yardi Breeze … Continued

Say Hello To Rosie In Support

Today we want you to meet Rosie Martinez: support team leader, miracle worker* and all-around nice person. Rosie’s team helps our Yardi Breeze clients get the answers they need to work through things like implementation, set up and beyond. Keep reading to learn a little more about Rosie, including what she likes about her job … Continued

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