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How Technology Impacts Property Management

Paul Vengilio is chief operating officer at LVPM in New York City. He generously wrote this brilliant article on how tech impacts property management. We hope you enjoy our first guest article on the Breezeway!

Say Hello To Lexi In Marketing

We’re excited to introduce you to Lexi Beausoleil, a team member since 2014 who just switched over to Yardi Breeze as our marketing campaign specialist. If Yardi’s done it, she’s probably been a part of it.

Say Hello To Kelly In Events

If you’ve been to a Yardi Breeze event, there’s a chance you’ve seen or spoken to today’s interviewee, event specialist Kelly Krier. Say hello the next time you see her around!

Say Hello To Max In Marketing

Max works on the Breezeway blog, researching and writing the articles you read each week. This time, we had someone else come up with questions for him to answer. Here’s what he has to say about that.

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