New: User Roles In Yardi Breeze


Just when you thought Yardi Breeze couldn’t get any better (that’s what you were thinking, right?), our amazing team has done it again. Last month, our new release was packed full of features designed to make your work easier.

One of these updates allows you to control user access, both at the property level and for any maintenance staff you may have. Keep reading to learn how make the most of new user roles in Yardi Breeze.

lock icons indicating different user roles and access levels

User roles at the property level

With User Property Security, you can limit which properties a user can access. For example, you might have 10 properties in your Yardi Breeze database. If you restrict a user to one of them, the user can only see data that is linked to that property. This includes the property, tenants, maintenance requests, transactions and so on. Almost everything in our simple mobile platform is linked to a property, so this is a powerful way to implement security as your team grows.

Want a user to have access to more than one property, but not all of them? No problem. You can create custom property lists and then assign them to your users to meet the unique needs of your property management business.

User roles for maintenance team members

Another way to limit access is to set up maintenance users. Maintenance users can only access maintenance data including:

  • Maintenance requests
  • Inspections
  • Unit records (to perform inspections)

A maintenance user cannot access or edit any other data in Yardi Breeze. This includes property setup, tenant records, transactions and financial reports. Setting up maintenance users allows you to separate duties between property managers and maintenance staff. It also helps you safeguard your financial data and your tenants’ personal information.

3 benefits of controlling data access at the user level

Controlling which data your users can access protects you, your tenants and your owners. It reassures owners – and prospective clients – that you are a responsible property manager who takes data security seriously. And it benefits your users by simplifying their interface. They no longer have to worry about wading through the wrong data or messing up entries at other properties.

Better data security, more streamlined user access. We make it a breeze!