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5 Affordable Interior Design Trends For Apartments

No matter how you sugarcoat it, it’s hard to rent an ugly apartment. But we’re guessing that – at least for most property managers – completely remodeling your older units isn’t exactly in the budget this year. So today we’re sharing five affordable interior design trends for apartments. These quick updates will help you make … Continued

Single Family Housing Market Overview & Best Practices

Single family housing forms a significant portion of the current rental market, and the demand for it keeps growing. If you manage single family homes now or are looking to get into the market, this post is for you! First, learn more about current single family housing market conditions. Then, pick up some property management … Continued

5 Tax Season Strategies For Property Management

For better or worse, there’s no time like tax time. The piles of receipts, daunting forms and late nights staring at your monitor might seem taxing (sorry, we had to) now, but it’s worth it to keep the IRS out of your office for another year. Whether you’re expecting a return this year or not, … Continued

7 Tips For New Landlords

Are you new to being a landlord? Renting out residential or commercial space can be both profitable and rewarding – if you do it right. Whether you plan to manage your property yourself or hire a property manager to do it for you, these seven tips will help you get your bearings. 1. Secure your … Continued

Lease Lessons: 3 Ways To Help Tenants Understand Their Lease

Leases protect both property managers and property tenants during the term of a property rental. But because leases are notoriously long and wordy – and people’s attention spans are shorter than ever – lease disputes are a common property management headache. How do you prevent tenants from breaking the terms of your lease and causing … Continued

When You Should (& Shouldn’t) Email Your Tenants

Wondering when you should email your tenants and when you should text or call instead? Renter communications can be tricky, but we’ve got some tips that will help you get your message across. Keep reading to find out when you should always, sometimes and never email tenants. Always email your tenants … … to share … Continued

6 Mobile Photography Tips For Property Managers

Now that almost everyone has a smartphone, we all have tiny cameras in our pockets. That means you don’t need to hire a fancy photographer and schedule a photo shoot to take listing photos anymore. You can do it yourself using a few mobile photography tips for property managers to make sure you get the … Continued