3 Ways To Avoid Renting To Problem Tenants

3 Ways To Avoid Renting To Problem Tenants Finally, you found your dream renter. This person is super excited about an apartment you’ve had listed for months—good vibes all around—and they’ve brought cash. (So dreamy!) All that’s left is to sign the lease and hand over the keys. Or is it? To avoid renting to … Continued

What Is The Activity Feed In Yardi Breeze?

Did you know Yardi Breeze features a notetaking tool that helps you track unexpected events? It’s called the Activity Feed. This tool lets you add notes right to your calendar, and it organizes everything you write in one convenient report. This article will show you how to add, find and keep track of information in … Continued

5 Property Marketing Ideas For Spring

Spring is a great time to refresh your property marketing strategy for the busy leasing season ahead. There’s a lot you can do right now to make your listings as appealing as possible. Read on to discover five property marketing ideas for spring.

5 Ways To Attract New Property Owners

Are you looking for ways to attract property owners and expand your business? Two things that property owners look for include convenient account access and easy-to-understand owner reporting. For these, you need property management software that keeps things simple for busy owners. Beyond software, there are many ways to impress property owners. This is where … Continued

Tenant Evictions & How We Can Help

Q: What do all landlords and property managers dread? A: Evictions. Evicting tenants is one property management responsibility that nobody likes. The good news is, if you’re beginning the eviction process, you’re one step closer to getting a problem tenant out of your property. The bad news is that evictions can waste a lot of … Continued

Renter 411: What Tenant Information You Should Track & Why

How much do you know about your renters? Sure, you have their names, contact details and leases on file, but what else should you be keeping track of? Storing detailed tenant information in your property management system can help you better monitor your properties and enforce policies. It can also help you improve your relationship … Continued

Important Property Management Credentials You Should Consider

Want to gain a competitive edge as a property manager? Whether you’re an independent manager or you work for a larger company, property management credentials, certifications and designations will help increase your authority, differentiate you from the competition and encourage trust from prospective tenants and owners. There are a variety of property management designations available. … Continued

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