Our Top 10 Blog Posts Of 2019


We’re rounding up our top blog posts of 2019 just in time to welcome in a new decade. So, as we let old acquaintance be forgot, let’s take a moment to remember what our readers said was the most valuable content to them.

Yardi Breeze Breezeway top 10 blog posts of 2019

1. 11 Things Great Property Managers Do

They say, “Save the best for last,” but we’re tossing conventional wisdom and giving you our top blog post of 2019 right up front.

You don’t have to be perfect to be an effective leader, but it’s important to know your strengths and weaknesses. Here are 11 things all great property managers do. (We think you should pay special attention to #3.)

2. What Is RentCafe? A Complete Guide For Yardi Breeze Users

RentCafe helps you manage all the things prospects and tenants might see and do online. You can use it to post listings, accept applications and more. RentCafe makes property management easier, especially when it comes to listing syndication, leasing, payments, maintenance requests and communications.

3. How To Raise Rent Without Losing Tenants

No one wants you to raise their rent, but sometimes it has to happen. Property managers can keep tenants satisfied by raising rent the smart way. Here’s how to retain occupants when you have to increase rates.

4. 5 Reasons To Make The Switch From Yardi Genesis To Yardi Breeze

Yardi Genesis is a great property management platform, but Yardi Breeze is our newest software for small to mid-size portfolios. We designed it specifically with modern property managers in mind, and it includes easy-to-use tools you don’t have in Yardi Genesis.

5. Emotional Support Animals: What Landlords Need To Know

Do you know the difference between an emotional support animal and a standard pet? Getting it right matters for all property managers. Here’s what landlords need to know about emotional support animals.

6. How To Run Tenant Invoices In Yardi Breeze

This popular article covers everything you need to know about finding and creating tenant invoices in Yardi Breeze. If you’re already a Breeze user, we encourage you to open your system and follow along as you read.

7. 5 Important Fall Maintenance Jobs For Property Managers

Fall maintenance takes a lot of regularly scheduled work. Some of it you can do yourself, some will require professional help. Here are the jobs you can’t skip, so get your mind in the gutter (and clean it).

8. New: Bill Pay In Yardi Breeze

Bill Pay makes it easy to pay owners and vendors electronically or by check. The best part? We can make the payments for you, saving you the hassle of processing, printing and posting. Keep reading to see how it works.

9. Can Property Managers Set A Firearms Policy For Their Residents?

We take a closer look at whether property managers can set a firearms policy for their residents. The short answer: It depends on the state.

10. Tax Time: Important 1099 Tips For Property Managers

Tax season means paperwork. Form 1099-MISC is one of the things you should begin working on early because they can take some time to finish. Luckily, Breeze helps speed things along.

2019: A year of change

In 2019, we expanded Breeze’s features beyond residential and commercial properties. Breeze now offers support for the following:

There’s another major update coming soon that’s meant to help property managers with larger portfolios. Stay tuned for more on that in early 2020.

If you enjoyed this last look at the year but don’t want to read our top blog posts of 2019 all at once, we don’t blame you! So, be sure to check out The Breezeway (updated regularly) or follow Yardi Breeze on Facebook to keep up with our articles one at a time.

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