property management tips

5 Ways To Attract New Property Owners

Are you looking for ways to attract property owners and expand your business? Property owners want simple account access and fast owner reporting. That means you need a property management software that keeps things simple for busy owners. Beyond software, there are many ways to impress property owners. This is where online marketing, community engagement … Continued

How To Manage Retail Properties With Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is refreshingly simple property management software for both residential and commercial properties. Since your commercial portfolio might include retail properties, we have tools for retail management too. Keep reading to learn how Yardi Breeze can help make managing retail spaces easier, including automatically calculating overage charges. Managing retail properties When you set up … Continued

Renter 411: What Tenant Information You Should Track & Why

How much do you know about your renters? Sure, you have their names, contact details and leases on file, but what else should you be keeping track of? Storing detailed tenant information in your property management system can help you better monitor your properties and enforce policies. It can also help you improve your relationship … Continued

Lease Lessons: 3 Ways To Help Tenants Understand Their Lease

Leases protect both property managers and property tenants during the term of a property rental. But because leases are notoriously long and wordy – and people’s attention spans are shorter than ever – lease disputes are a common property management headache. How do you prevent tenants from breaking the terms of your lease and causing … Continued

User Spotlight: 5 Questions With Bruce Parrish

We’re excited to introduce you to Bruce Parrish of ACRE Investment Company. ACRE is a Northern California-based investment firm that provides comprehensive commercial asset management services. Bruce recently chatted with us about his experience in property management. Of his role as controller, he says, “There’s no such thing as an average week. I may be … Continued

Phone Etiquette Tips For Property Managers & Landlords

Quick: name one business tool that you couldn’t live without. If you said your smartphone, you’re not alone. Your phone is your connection to your coworkers, rental prospects and tenants. Whether you’re answering a call from someone who saw an ad or getting a maintenance call from a renter, how you conduct yourself over the … Continued