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Say Hello To Anand In Development

Ready to meet one of our behind-the-scenes team members? Anand Majethia is a software development engineer III in our programming department. If you think Yardi Breeze is refreshingly simple and easy to use (we sure do), a lot of the thanks for that goes to Anand and his talented team. Keep reading to see what … Continued

Quick CAMs? Save Time With Automated Common Area Maintenance Reconciliation

In many commercial leases, tenants are responsible for both rent and a share of the property expenses. Common area maintenance (CAM) fees are one of these expenses. CAM fees help cover the landlord’s direct expenses for maintaining areas shared by all tenants. Because CAM expenses vary depending on the real charges accrued, reconciling estimated CAM … Continued

4 Benefits Of Online Portals For Tenants & Owners

Do you offer online portals at your properties? Using online portals to manage tenant and owner services and communications has big benefits for property managers. They can save you time and help you stay competitive in your market. The easiest way to offer online portals is to use property management software that includes them in … Continued

Is Resident Screening A Good Idea?

Do you screen applicants at your properties? Resident screening helps you determine if a prospect will be a good fit. It can help you fill your properties with reliable tenants who pay rent when it’s due and are good neighbors. In that sense, resident screening is a good idea. But there is a right way … Continued

Say Hello To Karissa In Support

Ready to meet another member of the awesome Yardi Breeze support team? Say hello to Karissa Kitching, technical account manager in our customer service department. She is one of the reasons your support questions get answered so quickly – usually in less than 20 seconds via chat, in fact! We asked Karissa to share a … Continued

Cloud Security: Is Your Property Management Data Safe?

Which is safer: storing your property management data on your computer or in the cloud? Property owners and managers keep a lot of personal and financial data on hand – both their own and their tenants’ – so it’s understandable that data security is a big concern.

Phone Etiquette Tips For Property Managers & Landlords

Quick: name one business tool that you couldn’t live without. If you said your smartphone, you’re not alone. Your phone is your connection to your coworkers, rental prospects and tenants. Whether you’re answering a call from someone who saw an ad or getting a maintenance call from a renter, how you conduct yourself over the … Continued