Real Questions, Honest Answers: Property Management Software

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Our sales and support teams field every question imaginable about Yardi Breeze and Yardi Breeze Premier. They speak with thousands of savvy property managers who’ve done their research and come to us with price comparisons, their own product assessments and anything else that might help them narrow down their options. And as you know, there are many property management solutions to choose from. So, what is Yardi Breeze? Is it the right software for your business? This article provides honest answers to common property management software questions. If you want to know more about Breeze and Breeze Premier, you’re in the right place.

Why is Breeze called all-in-one software?

Breeze is unique in the property management software space. It’s all-in-one software that handles property marketing, online leasing, accounting, reporting, maintenance tracking and more. Most other property management software solutions require integrations with third party solutions that involve multiple logins and subscriptions.

Our free live chat support and built-in Help Center are also differentiators. Many other businesses offer phone-only support with long wait times or email responses with long delays. Live chat helps us get you better answers, faster.

Why doesn’t Breeze integrate with outside software solutions?

In most cases, it’s more efficient and cost-effective to use an all-in-one solution like Yardi Breeze than it is to manage multiple vendors and integrations. On the surface, we understand the interest in integrating with outside software solutions. But don’t assume integrations are the best route. Having multiple software systems can drive up the cost of your technology stack and negatively impact data security and integrity.

It’s important to evaluate the specific outside solutions that are needed and whether the same service can be provided by an in-house solution. Integrations rarely work seamlessly to create a single source of truth, whereas an all-in-one software eliminates double entries while automating or streamlining most processes. Breeze provides a single connected solution for less than what it costs to deploy and actively manage multiple application through independent partners.

But isn’t your most powerful software, Yardi Voyager, built on integrations?

Breeze is purposely easy to use and fast to implement. By eliminating third-party integrations, we’re able to achieve that objective and meet the needs of businesses of many sizes and portfolio makeups.

If your business expands to the point where it outgrows Breeze or Breeze Premier, it will require a more comprehensive solution. Yardi Voyager is the property management and accounting backbone of an extensive suite of Yardi solutions. It’s capable of running every aspect of your business. It also supports over 300 software interfaces. This can be useful for some of the most complex property management businesses but does not apply to the majority. In our experience, small businesses do not have the need or resources for such software, making Voyager a non-starter for them.

My business is growing quickly. Should I wait to get software?

Breeze could be the right fit for you today, but an expanding business may need something more powerful in the future. That’s why Breeze offers simple upgrade paths to Breeze Premier or even Yardi Voyager, all of which share the same database structure. A trained Yardi expert can help you determine the best system for your unique needs.

Why should I pay more for Breeze when there’s cheaper software out there?

This is one of the most common questions property managers ask about Yardi Breeze. We encourage you to compare the value of a Yardi program vs. its face-value cost. Yardi’s pricing is transparent and simple. We offer a comprehensive solution that meets all the fundamental property management requirements. There are no fees for initial setup, ongoing support or training resources. We want to make sure there are no surprises once you sign up, and we are confident our approach delivers the best value and functionality in the industry.

Not to mention, our pricing is extremely competitive and often beats our competitors’ rates.

What are Yardi’s ACH fees for online payments?

Yardi has made the unprecedented decision to eliminate all ACH fees for residential markets. Property managers no longer have to decide whether they’ll absorb the transfer cost or pass it on to customers.

It’s true that you’ll still see fees as high as $2.45 from other software companies. Our move to absorb this cost is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers. We hope you enjoy the extra savings!

Why can’t I use a “sandbox” to test the software before I buy?

We have invested considerable company resources to offer one-on-one support to all Breeze clients. In our 40 years of customer service experience, we have learned that having a live product expert walk new clients through the system is much more effective than having clients log in to a foreign database populated with fake data. With Breeze and Breeze Premier, bringing over your information is fast, simple and allows you to test the system using your own recognizable property data.

Why should I choose Yardi as my software provider?

Yardi is among the best providers of property management software thanks to 40 years of leadership in the industry, a laser focus on the needs of real estate professionals, commitment to innovation and status as a privately held company.

Investing in your future

Yardi invests in new technologies and tools that help its customers stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing industry. For example, Yardi has been a leader in developing cloud-based solutions and mobile apps for property management. We’ve paved the way in giving customers real-time access to their information on any device, from anywhere.

Here’s more good news: Breeze is regularly updated based on customer feedback. Updates are delivered without disruption to client operations.

Something for everyone

With offerings such as Breeze, Breeze Premier and Voyager, Yardi offers a suite of tools for property management businesses. Its wide range of solutions meet the needs of owners and managers of all portfolio sizes.

Need more answers to common property management software questions?

Have questions about Breeze, Breeze Premier or other Yardi solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a personalized demo or start a live chat during business hours. A friendly product expert is usually just a few seconds away.