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Yardi Breeze Vs. Yardi Voyager: What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between Yardi Breeze and Yardi Voyager? That’s a question our sales team gets asked frequently. Yardi Breeze is the right property management platform for small to mid-sized property managers and owners. Yardi Voyager is intended for larger property management companies and includes options for specialty markets. So which platform is right for … Continued

May 2018 Rental News: Rents Rose $4

Good property managers know what’s going on in the area around them. Great property managers know what’s going on in the industry in general. Are rents going up or down? Are cities or suburbs seeing more traffic? Where are new developments going up? Since Yardi Breeze is part of the larger Yardi family, we are … Continued

3 Ways Property Managers Can Save Time (& Money)

It’s no secret that property managers are busy people. If you’re a successful manager with several properties and a small staff – or no staff – finding new ways to save time can really add up. These three time-saving tech tips can cut hours out of your work month. That’s time you could spend with … Continued

Words To Use When Marketing Your Properties Online

Are your rental listings attracting prospects? When you’re marketing your properties online, there are words to use and words to avoid. Of course, you’re probably already aware of some of the big ones. Everyone knows that “cozy” and “charming” are usually just code for small, right? But what you might not know is that some … Continued

Say Hello To Laura In Marketing

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Laura Kelly, someone we hope you’ll get the chance to talk to soon. Laura works in our marketing department. She reaches out to our clients who use Yardi Breeze to get their feedback and share client success stories. If you hear from Laura, it probably means you’re doing … Continued

6 Ways To Fill Vacant Units Faster

Do you have empty apartments, homes or even commercial spaces that you just can’t find renters for? It’s important to fill vacant units quickly because the cost of an empty rental really adds up. For example, if the rent of your unit is $1000 per month, that means you’re losing $33.33 per day every day … Continued