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How To Avoid The 10 Most Common Renter Complaints

Did you know that attracting a new tenant costs up to five times more than retaining an existing one? It’s true! So if you want to save money at your properties, you need to be focused on resident retention. Keep more of your tenants happy – without lowering the rent – by avoiding the top … Continued

August 2018 Rental News: Average Rent Is $1,412

In June 2018, the average multifamily rent was at an all-time high $1,405. In August, it rose another $7, reaching $1,412. Of course, in some cities, rents are much higher than that – with the Manhattan average coming it at a whopping $4,119! Keep reading for more insights from the August 2018 Multifamily National Report. … Continued

In Their Own Words: 5 Reasons Property Managers Choose Yardi Breeze

More and more property managers are making the switch to Yardi Breeze! We could spend all day telling you why it’s great, but we’re obviously biased. Instead, we think you should hear it from our customers, who are busy property managers just like you. See why owners and managers with multifamily, commercial and mixed portfolios … Continued

How To Hire Good Property Management Help

Many property managers do it all at their properties. You’re often a full-time property manager as well as part-time bookkeeper, plumber, landscaper and more. But when you get to the point where you’re ready to hire someone to help you, how do you choose the right person? You need reliable property management help that will … Continued

3 Ways To Make Your Property Management Company Stand Out Online

More often than not, the search for a place to rent begins online. But in today’s increasingly crowded digital marketplace, how can you make sure your property (or  properties) stand out? These three tips will help your property management company outshine the competition and attract more online prospects. 1. Offer convenient renter services Renters don’t … Continued

Yardi Breeze MVPs: Show Off Your Pets & Win Weekly

First, get a free Yardi Breeze pet bandana here. Then share a pic of your best bud wearing it for a weekly chance to win a $25 gift card. Keep reading for more details – but it really is easy as one, two, free! Yardi Breeze MVPs We know that sometimes your pets can be … Continued

5 Surprising Benefits Of Online Rent Payments

You already know that online rent payments make life easier for you and your tenants. Collecting rent online is more convenient, more efficient and cuts down on trips to the bank. But here are five surprising benefits of online rent payments that you might not have considered. 1. Get money faster Although online payments are … Continued