Renter 411: What Tenant Information You Should Track & Why

How much do you know about your renters? Sure, you have their names, contact details and leases on file, but what else should you be keeping track of? Storing detailed tenant information in your property management system can help you better monitor your properties and enforce policies. It can also help you improve your relationship … Continued

Meet Our First 3 Yardi Breeze MVPs

How about a few adorable pet photos to brighten your day? Meet our first three Yardi Breeze MVPs (most valuable pets). These stylish quadrupeds got free Yardi Breeze bandanas, and their owners got $25 gift cards! Talk about a win-win situation. Get your pet a free bandana here, and you just might become one of … Continued

Yardi Breeze MVPs: Show Off Your Pets & Win Weekly

First, get a free Yardi Breeze pet bandana here. Then share a pic of your best bud wearing it for a weekly chance to win a $25 gift card. Keep reading for more details – but it really is easy as one, two, free! Yardi Breeze MVPs We know that sometimes your pets can be … Continued