5 Ways To Attract New Property Owners


Are you looking for ways to attract property owners and expand your business? Two things that property owners look for include convenient account access and easy-to-understand owner reporting. For these, you need property management software that keeps things simple for busy owners.

Beyond software, there are many ways to impress property owners. This is where online marketing, community engagement and a solid growth plan come into play. Explore these five ways to attract new property owners and expand your business faster than ever.

Man flying with Yardi Breeze on tablet

Use a secure online owner portal

Owners are busy people, and they can be difficult to reach quickly over the phone or by email. You’re also busy and may seem difficult to reach too. Providing owners with access to a convenient owner portal will prevent communication frustrations and show just how easy you are to work with.

A secure owner portal allows you to share critical updates with your owners, including new leases, evictions, general payment data and other relevant information. Best of all, owners can access the portal on their own time. You can also control what information owners see, so they never get more or less data than necessary.

Show off your reporting skills

Property owners want to know that you can be trusted to provide fast, accurate reports. Luckily, automated reporting makes it easy to organize your data. Yardi Breeze lets users create report packets that provide everything owners need. For instance, you can quickly send owner ledgers or consolidate reports for an owner with multiple properties.

We know that no two owners are alike, which is why our software rapidly customizes reports for individual owners. If a property has more than one owner, each owner can receive an individualized report based on their level of ownership and investment.

Become a knockout online marketer in your area

Online marketing is one of the most useful skills you can possess. If you understand how to maximize SEO (search engine optimization) on your website, you will capture the attention of more property owners.

One effective strategy is to write about your local area on your homepage and throughout your site. If you operate out of Malibu, consider marketing yourself as the “best property manager in Malibu.” You could also replace Malibu with “Southern California.” Use specific language like that to help increase web visits from owners in your market.

And remember, many people put the terms “best” and “top” in their search engines when doing research, so use those terms on your site. Consider using paid advertisements as well, since they will put your site at the top of select searches.

Embrace community engagement

Even with the best online marketing, some people need face-to-face contact in order to make a deal. In-person networking will help you establish yourself as a trusted and community-focused property manager. For starters, contact your government center or town hall and ask about upcoming housing or commercial property meetings. Do online research to discover housing association gatherings. Try to find out about other community meetings too. They often result in strong referrals.

Not sure where to start? Join a property management association. They provide excellent networking opportunities with other managers and owners. Additionally, associations host events throughout the year, offering training and professional development courses that cater to your market. Some even provide webinar training, so you can develop your business from the comfort of home.

Promote scalability as your #1 strength

Owners want to know that their properties are in good hands, that you will protect and grow the income from their investment. In other words, owners want to know that you have a marketing plan in place. This plan should cover every aspect of your business: attracting new tenants, maintaining occupancy, handling maintenance requests, etc. It will be easier to scale your business with a strong plan, and scalability will attract owners.   

A solid marketing plan should highlight seamless owner reporting and an easy-to-use owner portal. These features further demonstrate to prospective owners that you have the ability to scale your business. With the right tools working for you, managing 500 properties is no harder than managing 50. Always highlight scalability when you want to attract new property owners. Let them know that life with you as their property manager is going to be a breeze!