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5 Ways You Might Be Breaking The Law

Property managers and property owners are busy people. There are always units to turn, emails to send and piles of paperwork to get through. You’ve probably got more than enough on your plate already. But if you don’t keep up with the housing laws in your area, you might find yourself on the wrong side … Continued

Say Hello To Tim Wilder In Programming

Ever wonder about the people who make our refreshingly simple software? Code this beautiful doesn’t just write itself. Meet Tim Wilder, one of our Yardi Breeze programmers and a man who values efficiency as much as you do. Keep reading to see what Tim loves about his job and why you should ask him where … Continued

4 Resident Event Ideas For Summer

Do you have any resident events planned for summer? Hosting resident appreciation events are a good way to interact with your renters and build community spirit to increase retention. In the warmer months, invite your renters outside for one of these four resident event ideas for summer. Share some sweet treats, watch a movie, help … Continued

Here To Help: Yardi Breeze Support Tools

If you use Yardi Breeze to manage your properties, you already know how refreshingly simple it is. With an intuitive user dashboard and fully mobile capabilities, you can work from anywhere. But no matter how simple the software, questions are still bound to come up. That’s why we make getting the help you need easy … Continued

Apartment Trend Alert: Ultra-Tiny Living

On the island of Manhattan, a new set of micro-apartments offer minimalist chic at NYC prices. What can you get with less than 400 square feet? How about a gym, roof terrace and stainless steel appliances? Not to mention the chance to finally ditch the roommates and lay claim to your own slice of paradise? … Continued

Say Hello To Shannon In Support

Meet Shannon Belliveau, one of our technical account managers and an all-around helpful person. Actually, if you’re a Yardi Breeze user, you might already have “met” her! You know that little live chat window that pops up when you’re in the program so you can get answers to your questions right away? Shannon is one … Continued

Is Live Streaming The Future Of Apartment Hunting?

What if you could host an open house for 100 potential renters? What about 1000? Ten thousand? What if you could reach every prospect 24-hours a day, 7-days a week? Capitalizing on the flexibility and reach of live streaming apps, property managers are reaching out to a new generation of tenants via social media. Imagine … Continued