Say Hello To Kelly In Events


Today, we have the privilege to introduce you to someone you might already know! (But many of you don’t.) If you’ve been to a Yardi Breeze event, there’s a chance you’ve seen or spoken to today’s interviewee, Kelly Krier.

There she is!

There she is again!

So without further ado, here’s Kelly from events in her own words.

Event specialist Kelly Krier with her horse, Max

What is your role at Yardi Breeze?

I am an event specialist at Yardi, which means I travel to trade shows quite often. I plan, manage and execute all aspects of trade shows, conferences and special events for the residential, condo, self storage and manufactured housing markets. I also create and execute strategic marketing campaigns for each event.

What’s the most common thing people ask you when you’re working a Yardi event, and how do you respond?

A lot of people that come by the booth ask about pricing, but many ask if we’re a public company. I’m always surprised that people don’t know Yardi is family owned. I think most people assume that we must be a public company because we’re so large. I’m proud to tell them that after 35+ years, we’re still owned by the original founder!

What is your favorite animal, and what creature gives you the creeps?

I’m a total dog lover. Dogs are just so wonderfully energetic and happy all the time—it just instantly brightens my day. I could look at dog pictures and videos all day. I mean… come on, there’s nothing cuter than a puppy.

Kona the puppy

But snakes… I hate snakes. That Indiana Jones scene where he drops into a cave full of snakes is my worst nightmare. I made the mistake of telling the sales reps this once and they played a prank on me. They put a rubber snake on my chair, and it gave me a mild panic attack. I got them back, though.

What book, movie and/or TV show has your attention right now?

I’ve been making my way through Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking. I picked it up in LAX while going to a trade show in Las Vegas. I’ve always been interested in science and the wonder of the universe, so this book caught my eye immediately.

Hawking has a way of explaining complex things in a simple and straightforward manner. The fact that he was able to write a lightweight book on a number of incredibly complicated subjects in and of itself makes him a genius.

If you suddenly had the afternoon off from work and no one knew, what would you do?

I would head to the ranch and take my horse (Max) and puppy (Kona) for a trail ride. I love the peacefulness of it, and the beautiful views of the Santa Ynez Valley are hard to beat! It’s always refreshing to escape into nature for a bit.

Kona and Max

We know you have a horse and a dog. Which is smarter and why?

That’s a tough question. For instance, Max can differentiate the sound of my car from others, so he knows when I arrive at the ranch. He’ll start whinnying for me to hurry up and go get him. He also knows how to count. Just try giving him only one carrot when he knows you have two!

Yet, he gazelle-jumped away from a squirrel the other day. Go figure.

Kona has picked up trick after trick with ease (she’s now 9 months old), but she’s absolutely terrified of a small dog statue outside of her doggy day care facility.

Their specialness just makes them more lovable, not to mention entertaining.

Describe your dream vacation

I’m torn. On the one hand, I would love to sit on the beach in the Maldives with my toes in the sand, doing nothing. On the other, it would be fascinating to explore Scotland’s castles, historic buildings and all its gorgeous scenery. I can do both, right?

[Yes, Kelly. Yes you can.]