Say Hello To Scott & Sheehan In Marketing


We’re excited to introduce you to a pair of talented Yardi Breeze designers. They put the excel in excellence, the wonder in wonderful and the us in splendiferous.

They also make everything look nice for our website, emails and the trade shows we attend all year long.

Yardi Breeze is lucky to have these two on our creative team. To celebrate them being with us, we asked a few questions that got weirder as they went along. We hope you enjoy getting to know Scott Moseley and Sheehan Mitchell!

Sheehan Mitchell (left) and Scott Moseley (right) float down from space to tell us about their time with Yardi Breeze

What’s the most exciting new work experience you’ve had since being at Yardi?

Scott: I’d have to say that working on Breeze has been a lot of fun because as a brand, it’s so fresh and new.

Sheehan: Since I’ve only been at Yardi since the end of May, I feel like all of the new work I’ve been introduced to has been exciting! Starting a new job can prove quite difficult, but I’ve had nothing but a pleasant experience so far. Scott had been doing a majority of the design work for Breeze, so when I started, he in a sense “passed the torch” my way and I hit the ground running with projects while learning about the company, products and overall design aesthetic.

What music do you listen to when you’re working or need inspiration?

Scott: My music really depends on the type of work I’m doing and the mood I’m trying to get in. When I have to concentrate and plan, I like to listen to music that isn’t very heavy on lyrics: mellow beats etc. When I’m in production mode I like to listen to all kinds of music and podcasts. Currently listening to the Chromatics.

Sheehan: Music is quite important. So many different genres help fuel my inspiration, it just depends on the day. If I’ve had a solid night’s sleep and want to power through my work, I might throw on some metal or dabble in electronic jams. But then again, sometimes you need a good bluegrass band to make you smile, Beyoncé (because duh) or some Mozart to keep you focused.

Do you have a typical after-work routine?

Scott: My after-work routine usually consists of surfing, mountain biking and/or spending time with my kids. Not necessarily in that order.

Sheehan: What’s most important to me is getting outside. Whether I get to surf, run, visit with friends or take a stroll with my rats, spending as much time outside after being on a computer all day is simply the best medicine. But I’m not gonna lie, cooking is also a serious comfort, so if I can combine the two then I’m a happy camper through and through.

If you suddenly had the afternoon off and no one knew, what would you do for just yourself during that time?

Scott: I would surf or mountain bike.

Sheehan: If I had a sneaky afternoon off, first I’d check the surf to see if there’s any hope of catching a wave or two. But if that mission failed (which is likely), I’d probably take the time to finally organize and set up a small studio space at my house so I can start/complete some painting projects.

If you were a movie, what would it be called, and what would the tagline be?

Scott: Dad Life: “Send help.”

Sheehan: The Adventures of Spider Girl & Her Rats: “She spins webs of curiosity and leaves trails of cheese”

Hypothetically speaking, if friendly aliens wanted to take you across the universe with them, would you go? 

Scott: Of course. Since they just traveled all the way across the universe, I would ask them for some recommendations. Preferably somewhere with tasty waves and sweet jumps.

Sheehan: Oh man. Friendly or not, I’d definitely go.

Editor’s note: Human Resources has advised us to mention it is their official position that employees do not enter alien spacecraft during work hours without prior approval from a manager.

Also editor’s note: Human Resources would further like to comment that they don’t think our first editor’s note was all that funny, as they do not actually have a position on space aliens. Which is totally something that someone with a position on aliens would say.