User Spotlight: 5 Questions With Adam Rath


Today we’d like you to meet Adam Rath of Rath Equity. Adam is in commercial real estate and uses Yardi Breeze. He has built a successful client list through his work in the Cincinnati real estate industry. Adam’s portfolio focuses on office and industrial sales, management and leasing agreements.

Like many property managers, Adam is a busy guy, but he recently sat down to answer some questions about his experiences in property management.

adam rath commercial yardi breeze user

1. What is your role at Rath Equity?

Adam: I’m a broker, owner and syndicator.

2. How does technology impact your day-to-day in property management?

Adam: One of the biggest improvements is moving our property management data into the cloud. Now, any financial statements can be accessed in real time by anyone you give access to. This, in turn, keeps the investors and clients happy, and everyone is on the same page.

The next best thing technology has helped with is that now everything is paperless. I can pull up an agreement on my phone, iPad etc. in a meeting or while on the road and get a quick response. These integrations allow us to continuously improve and provide better service to our tenants while saving money for our owners.

3. What one tip would you share with a property manager, owner or investor who is just starting out?

Adam: Always be looking for ways to improve your operating procedures and be ready to evolve quickly!

4. Have you noticed any interesting trends in your market lately?

Adam: I’ve been watching the big firms continue to get bigger and the boutique firms continue to adapt very quickly to gather market share. The firms in the middle are having a hard time finding their niche as they compete for larger accounts but have a harder time winning, and they are too large to go after the smaller accounts.

5. When you’re not busy with your properties, you’re…?

Adam: I enjoy spending time with the wife and kids, and I’ve recently been training for an Ironman Triathlon.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Adam! If you’re Yardi Breeze user who would like to be featured on the blog, email us at [email protected].