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Words To Use When Marketing Your Properties Online


Are your rental listings attracting prospects? When you’re marketing your properties online, there are words to use and words to avoid.

Of course, you’re probably already aware of some of the big ones. Everyone knows that “cozy” and “charming” are usually just code for small, right? But what you might not know is that some words can actually help you rent your vacant spaces more quickly.

words to use when marketing your properties online

Words To Use In Online Listings


Use “you” as your pronoun in any descriptive sentences to give the reader a sense of ownership already. Write like you are talking to a person who will probably move in. “You will love the mountain view from your kitchen.” “You can get to the freeway in just 5 minutes.”


If you’ve done anything to update your vacant space – whether it’s residential or commercial – let readers know right away. Updates tell potential renters that you’re the kind of landlord who takes care of their properties. It also puts them at ease to know there’s at least one thing they don’t have to worry about fixing anytime soon.


Be sure to describe the grounds as well as the building, especially if you live in an area with nice weather. In an analysis of 24,000 homes for sale, listings with the word “landscaped” sold for more than expected on average. Landscaping and other curb appeal factors add value to rentals, too.


Let renters know your space is ready to go, and there will be no wait or hassle on your end.


If your vacancy has any of these finishes, be sure to call them out in your online listing.


Whether you allow pets or not, being upfront about your policy will make sure you attract the right applicants without wasting anyone’s time.

“Call Now/Apply Today”

Like any ad, you should include a clear call to action that will help convert prospects into leads. Tell them what the next step is. If you use Yardi Breeze  and market your residential properties on (for free), interested renters can apply online right then and there.

Bonus: Words To Avoid

In addition to “cozy” and “charming,” watch out for these words that can raise red flags for would-be renters:


That should be a given. How dirty was it before?


Do you mean no closets? Angled walls?


Old. If you are referencing a particular style – like mid-century modern – say so!


Why? What’s the catch?