Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Property Managers

property manager gifts wrapped in green paper white ribbon

Looking for the perfect present for the property manager in your life? We’re here to help you give them just the right thing. Whether you’re a tenant, resident, owner, friend or family member, this list is full of great last-minute gift ideas for property managers.

Best work solution: property management software

This should be on every property owner’s list. If you have a property manager who is struggling with spreadsheets every month, give the gift of property management software to help them get some time back in their week. With tools for marketing, leasing, rent collection, maintenance, accounting, owner statements, CAM recoveries and more, owners can help their property managers speed up leasing, streamline payments and simplify reporting.

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Best simple gift: office snacks

Property managers love a little mid-day pick-me-up. When in doubt, a plate of cookies or bowl of Chex Mix for the office is never a bad idea. Or try for something homemade like this healthy granola recipe. It’s easy to make, and homemade recipes can feel more personal and meaningful.

Best practical idea: hardware store gift card

Let’s face it, property managers may have to spend more time — and money — than they want to at the hardware store. Why not make their next trip a little easier with a gift card? Be sure to look up hardware stores in their area for their convenience.

Best gift from residents: positive online reviews

The 2022 NMHC Renter Preferences Report shows that 41% of apartment seekers expect to see only negative reviews online. That’s a significant chunk of the population, making every positive review important and impactful.

If you’re a resident, one of the easiest and kindest things you can do for your property manager is to leave a positive review of their business online. Just ask them where they’d like it! They might prefer social media, an apartment review site or their property website.

Sharing your positive experience helps property managers attract renters and fill vacancies. It’s the gift that keeps giving all year long.

Best gift from owners: professional association membership

This one is for the owners! A membership to one of these property management associations is a great gift for a property manager. A membership to NAA, BOMA, IREM, NAR or NARPM will let your favorite property manager get a leg up with continued education and networking opportunities. Membership will help make them better professionals and keep them invested in the industry and their communities.

Best office upgrade: ergonomic office chairs

Anyone who’s worked in an office knows the value of a good chair. Did you know that musculoskeletal disorders are covered by OSHA? That means workers who suffer them may be entitled to disability leave and pay. Proper ergonomics can prevent many workplace injuries. In essence, ergonomics reduce muscle fatigue and pain, prevent injury and workplace disability and improve productivity.

Better chairs are a good place to start, but they aren’t the only way to improve office ergonomics:

  • Standing desks (sitting for too long is sometimes called “the new smoking”)
  • Monitor risers
  • Wrist cushions for keyboard and mouse
  • Stretching and frequent breaks

Best out-of-office experience: personalized self-care package

Property management is a demanding line of work. Most interactions with residents arise when there’s a problem (e.g., unpaid rent, maintenance issue, noise complaint) or something they want or need. It’s rare for someone to walk into a leasing office to give. This change of pace will delight property managers in need of some “me time.” A self-care package could come in the form of a gift basket or gift card — whatever best suits the gift receiver.

Best idea when you have no idea: keep it small & make it fun

How do you come up with last-minute gift ideas for property managers who have it all? If creative gift-giving isn’t your thing, just keep things simple and fun. It’s going to be the thought that counts, especially if the gift comes from an unexpected source (e.g., tenants, residents). Here are a few fun ideas to close out the article:

  • Box of chocolates
  • Stress-free plants like succulents
  • Custom coffee mug (“Best Landlord Ever”) or travel mug
  • Gift baskets, which make great communal gifts if others pitch in
  • Flower bouquet and vase
  • Meal delivery

In most cases, it’s still the thought that counts. As long as it’s a kind gesture, it’s almost impossible to mess up a last-minute gift for property managers.