9 Property Management Software FAQs Answered


During the 2022 REfresh user conference that recently wrapped up, we had a chance to live chat with clients about Yardi Breeze and Yardi Breeze Premier. There was no question too big or too small, so we assembled the best property management software FAQs below.

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1. “Does Yardi support paying a tenant through EFT using the accounts payable module?”

Soon! With our upcoming update in Breeze Premier, you will be able to use Yardi Bill Pay to process EFT and check payments to tenants. This expands on our current functionality, which allows Bill Pay to be used for payments to vendors and owners.

Check out the Bill Pay brochure for more information.

2. “Is there a way to get a reminder for when a tenant lease is coming due?”

Yes. On the dashboard calendar, you will see alerts on leases that are about to expire that month. You can also run a report months in advance to check on leases that are coming due: Reporting > Tenant > Lease Expiration.

3. “I get many rent checks at a time and don’t want to use the mobile app to deposit them individually. Is there an easier way?”

Breeze Premier clients can add our Full Service CHECKscan service. This lets tenants mail checks to a lockbox that Yardi sets up and monitors on your behalf.

4. “Is RentCafe included in Breeze?”

RentCafe comes at no additional cost with both Breeze and Breeze Premier. It allows residents to pay their rent online and submit maintenance requests. Affordable housing operators may want to consider adding RentCafe Affordable Housing, which allowed residents to perform important recertifications via integrated compliance workflows.

5. “How do we use the resident portal? Is that separate from RentCafe?”

Residents can log in to their RentCafe portal on a browser or in the RentCafe Resident app to make payments and submit maintenance requests. For affordable housing property managers and residents, completing the recertification process requires additional licensing for RentCafe Affordable Housing.

6. “Can CAM recs be done in Breeze, or do I need Breeze Premier?”

Recovery reconciliations can be completed with both Breeze and Breeze Premier. In both versions of the software, users can:

  • Manage triple net (NNN), gross leases or combinations
  • Create custom expense pools and allocate expenses to tenants
  • Set up flexible common area maintenance (CAM) schedules and assign to tenants
  • Set up caps and percentage allocations for expense pools
  • Post estimated charges for monthly, quarterly or annual reconciliation

7. “Is it possible to run a GL report on one account for multiple properties so the amount appears separately per property?”

Yes. Create a monthly report packet by going to Admin > Set Up Monthly Reports. You can create one for the General Ledger report. Then when you go to Reporting > Monthly Reports, you can enter all of the properties you want the report ran for (making sure the Consolidate checkbox is not enabled). Once you run it, the system will generate separate GL reports for each property. Don’t forget to save your changes!

8. “What is better, Breeze Premier or Voyager?”

It really depends on what you are looking for out of the system. Breeze Premier is a fantastic option, especially for reporting. But if you are looking for more complex functionality and flexibility, you might consider Voyager. If you are interested in exploring the options offered in Voyager, reach out to your Yardi sales representative.

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9. “What are the perks of automating the monthly rent roll posting?”

A lot of our clients prefer to set up their monthly posting as an automated task to help save time and streamline their operations. By setting it up as an automated task, the system runs the monthly posting for all your properties on the designated date.