Interview With Cadie Burton Myers: Commercial Property Management


Land Hawk Commercial Real Estate manages over 250,000 square feet of real estate across Louisiana and Texas. We were lucky to grab a few words with one of their top performers, Cadie Burton Myers. She’s worked with multiple property management systems over the years, including two Yardi platforms since Land Hawk became a client in 2014.

We were excited to talk to her about Land Hawk’s upgrade to Yardi Breeze and find out how business is going during this strange and difficult time. Here’s what she had to say. Enjoy!

Headshot of Cadie Burton Myers, Land Hawk Commercial Real Estate
Cadie Burton Myers, Land Hawk Commercial Real Estate

Having come from Genesis, an older Yardi platform, is there something Breeze does that really stands out to you?

Breeze is incredibly user friendly. The Help Center is the standout feature for me. The way it pulls up the topic for the window you are working in is incredibly time-efficient and accommodating.

What are some ways your business benefits from having 1099 preparation in Breeze?

The 1099 preparation saves us a great deal of time during tax season. It’s typically a cumbersome task. We rely on the 1099 reports to track vendor payments and decide what information should be sent to our CPA.

Did you explore other property management software besides Yardi products? If so, what factors helped you choose Breeze?

The first property management company I worked for used a different software, RentManager, and it was incredibly outdated. It required a lot of additional training and time to learn how to utilize its features. Although I watch the training videos provided by Breeze, I can typically figure out most features on my own just using the Help Center or chat feature!

What trends have you noticed in the commercial industry lately?

Compromise! Lease negotiations and renewals have been all about compromising and helping the tenant with their needs during this unprecedented time.

How is your business responding to these trends?

We work closely with each tenant to find out what their personal business needs are. This puts them in a better position to honor their lease.

Is your office able to work remotely? How do you manage that?

We are able to work remotely, and we do so by utilizing the many different tools out there today such as Breeze, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and of course, our phones. 

Is there anything you think new property managers should know about growing a business in this day and age?

I believe patience and compassion are your greatest tools today. Understand that the leasing environment and economy have changed. We really have to work together so we can help build each other up and grow together. A property manager is not successful without their tenants.

We’d like to thank Cadie Burton Myers for giving us the opportunity to share her thoughts and perspective on the commercial housing industry. Hers is one of many Breeze client voices we plan to share with you.