5 Simple Health Tips For Busy Leasing Agents


Many leasing agents can attest to the difficulty of staying healthy at work. We’re not talking about green smoothies and salads for lunch every day (unless that’s something you’re into, then by all means), but self-care is important. It’s not hard, either. Here are some health tips for busy leasing agents.

Just remember, nobody’s perfect. If you can manage to do most of these tips most of the time, you just might feel healthier, more alert and less stressed at work.

Man taking a walk to stay healthy at work

1. Go on a short walk once or twice a day

It’s amazing what a little movement can do for your health. Sitting down for long periods of time is particularly unhealthy for your heart, yet many office workers spend most of the day in a chair.

It’s worth it for your health, both in the short and long-term, to take a walk at least once or twice every day at work. Even on days you don’t have any showings, this health tip is easier to accomplish than you think.

  • Go around the block with a co-worker to grab a cup of coffee
  • Schedule “walking” meetings for conversations that don’t require a computer or phone
  • Step outside and follow a short path along the premises
  • Check in on the common areas at your properties (it probably involves at least a little walking)

If you can go on a 10-minute walk twice a day, you’re doing amazing! Your heart will thank you.

2. Take a full lunch every day

Before we start, let’s address the obvious objection to this health tip. Things come up in the course of a day that require us to be flexible. But here’s something to consider: If you don’t control your own schedule, there’s always someone or something that will. It could be a maintenance issue, a prospect, a co-worker — anything — that interrupts your lunch break.

We understand if you need to delay your lunch to handle something that comes up. After you deal with the issue, go ahead and take that full lunch. Some offices give 30 minutes, some give a full hour. Whatever it is, don’t cut that time short, even if you’re busy. Use that time to eat and relax. You’ll be more focused for the rest of the day and less likely to make mistakes or suffer burnout.

Oh, and working lunches don’t count. When you’re on lunch, you’re not working. No cheating the health tip, folks! Here’s an incomplete list of things that should never interrupt your lunch.

  • Phone calls, even if it’s a property owner or your maintenance crew, 99% of the time it is something than can wait a half hour
  • A resident who lost his mailbox key
  • Any other non-emergency situation

Pro tip: Put special lunches in your team’s work calendar so everyone shows as unavailable for other meetings or calls.

3. Keep a water bottle with you at all times

Drinking water is key to just about every positive thing you can do for your body. Following this health tip can prevent dehydration (but that was obvious). It also improves your skin, protects your kidneys and countless other functions.

If you keep a water bottle with you, chances are you’ll drink more often than you otherwise would. We recommend keeping it capped when you’re not drinking to avoid accidental spills.

Once it’s empty, use the refill as an opportunity to stretch your legs, take a brain break and get your eyes off the screen for a few minutes. A water bottle is also nice to have on-hand when visiting properties, especially on hot days.

4. “Go nuts” for your mid-day snack

Leasing agents know that 2:30 p.m. presents an unwelcome challenge: a sluggish feeling that makes work a drag. Plus, the mid-afternoon is too late for coffee, too soon after lunch for a meal and a long way from dinner. For many, that means it’s time to reach for a snack.

Chips, soda and candy can be fast, satisfying options, but they’re not healthy choices. Junk food may provide a quick burst of energy, but it’s short-lived and might actually make you feel worse.

The solution? Try nuts and legumes. They’re packed with fiber and healthy fats that give you energy and help you feel fuller, longer. Plus, they taste great. You can get raw or no-salt varieties if you’re feeling especially healthy, but salted and roasted nuts are still much healthier than candy and chips.

Here’s an extra health tip: Have a favorite fruit? Enjoy it as part of your mid-day snack. The extra sugar and fiber will give you even more focus energy. After all, why drink orange-flavored soda when you could just have the real thing?

Those with specific allergies should always take care to pick brands that make products in facilities that are peanut-free, dairy-free, etc.

5. Pack your lunch and snacks

It’s harder to stay healthy if you’re eating out most of the time. If you do manage to find a healthy restaurant nearby, you’re still spending your hard-earned money (and possibly letting food you already purchased go to waste).

When you pack your lunch and snacks, you control both the portion size and variety of your food. The extra savings will add up quickly, letting you splurge on something you really want over the weekend or on a date night.

To be clear, we’re not saying you can’t have fun in order to be healthy. If you have a tight-knit office group that likes to do things together, go out for lunch or do something else as a team once a week. It’s good for morale and adds a little variety to your schedule.

Bonus health tip: Reduce stress with property management software

Paperwork, manual lead tracking and separate accounting programs can make your job unnecessarily hard. Let Yardi Breeze take the stress out of your daily routine. Property management software will organize your tenant information, maintenance requests, owner reports, contractor payments, etc.

Software could be the difference between a stressful work life and having enough time to actually enjoy a full lunch and daily walks around the block.