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New: Yardi Breeze For Homeowner Association & Condo


If you’re the proud property manager or board member of a homeowner association or condo association, you’re going to like this article. Yardi Breeze now offers HOA software. Our association management tools are designed to meet the unique needs of HOAs, condos and co-ops. New features include violations management.

Let’s take a look at what HOA and condo property managers get with Yardi Breeze.

Homeowner association properties in a row

What is a homeowner association?

A homeowner association (HOA) is a private association that is usually formed by a real estate developer for the purpose of marketing, managing and selling homes and lots in a residential subdivision. The developer will often transfer ownership of the association to the homeowners after selling an agreed upon number of lots.

Generally, anyone who wants to buy a residence within the area of a homeowner association must become a member. They must obey the governing documents and by-laws.

What is a condo association?

Condo associations follow the same concept as HOA. However, a condo is a single property structure with multiple units, whereas HOAs involve single family homes.

What types of housing associations does Yardi Breeze support?

Yardi Breeze can support condo associations, co-ops, HOA, PUD and more.

Getting started in Yardi Breeze

Setting up an HOA account is as easy as setting up a multifamily, commercial or mixed property account. You’ll still add properties, bank accounts, late fees and owners. You’ll also set up recurring charges, set up violations and set up vendor records for businesses you need to pay.

Setting up violations

As a homeowner association or condo property manager, you’re going to deal with your fair share of violations. A violation refers to any instance where a resident breaks a rule. Associations may have rules about how high the grass can be, paint color, noise, etc.

No matter how clear the association rules are, there’s always that one resident. Who’s probably best friends with this one. And they’re always in cahoots. Your best line of defense is to track violations.

Yardi Breeze lets you customize violations by category (e.g., dog, fence, paint, landscape). You can also add details about the violation. Your portal helps you track repeat rule-breakers, which is important if the community decides to take stronger action against an offending resident. Owners will see all violations in their owner portal so they can decide on a consequence.

If you’re interested in using Yardi Breeze to manage the properties in your homeowner associations, now is the perfect time to schedule a free demo.

And by the way…

Affordable housing management is coming soon to Yardi Breeze. This feature will help property managers navigate compliance laws and regulations that come with affordable housing. We’re excited to talk more about it, so please stay tuned for future updates.