The Best Pet Amenities For Apartment Rentals

Did you know that nearly 70% of U.S. households own a pet? Being a property owner or manager in today’s rental environment means that you might want to think about becoming pet friendly, if you aren’t already. Some owners take being pet friendly a step further and include pet amenities to make their properties unique … Continued

May 2018 Rental News: Rents Rose $4

Good property managers know what’s going on in the area around them. Great property managers know what’s going on in the industry in general. Are rents going up or down? Are cities or suburbs seeing more traffic? Where are new developments going up? Since Yardi Breeze is part of the larger Yardi family, we are … Continued

Apartment Trend Alert: Ultra-Tiny Living

On the island of Manhattan, a new set of micro-apartments offer minimalist chic at NYC prices. What can you get with less than 400 square feet? How about a gym, roof terrace and stainless steel appliances? Not to mention the chance to finally ditch the roommates and lay claim to your own slice of paradise? … Continued

Can Communities Go Car-Free?

For many urban dwellers, parking spots and constant traffic are at odds with the benefits of living in city limits. Sure, public transportation, walking and cycling are all reasonable alternatives to owning a car, but sometimes the hassles outweigh the benefits. In Malmö, Sweden, a new apartment complex ditches carports for bike racks to help … Continued

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