Yardi Breeze Named Leader in Several Categories on G2

Yardi Breeze Named Leader in Several Categories on G2

G2, a leading software marketplace headquartered in Chicago, has released its Winter 2024 Grid® Reports revealing current leaders across multiple categories, as voted by verified users.

Yardi Breeze was awarded 17 mentions, four in the top position, including the competitive Small-Business Americas Regional Grid® Report for Property Management Software. G2 ranks products by positive reviews from verified users, comparing similar products in the same category.

Chris Ulep, vice president of Yardi Breeze, reflected on this achievement. “We’re honored to be acknowledged by G2,” he said. “Particularly because this comes from users who felt compelled enough to leave us such positive reviews.”

Yardi Breeze has received over 200 reviews on G2 with an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Breeze’s performance on G2 reflects Yardi’s ongoing commitment to serving its customers. Just this year, the company announced it will be eliminating ACH fees on all residential rent payments starting in 2024. Also, as part of Yardi’s broader commitment to transparency, it recently announced a disclosure of fees for all rental listings on RentCafe.com.

“While there are over 150,000 different software products and services featured on G2, only the highest ranked are recognized each quarter according to their category, company size, geography and report type,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “These reports serve as valuable, tailored lists for buyers conducting research in their purchasing journey. We extend our congratulations to those vendors who have achieved a coveted spot in a G2 report, driven by insights from real customer feedback.”