Client Amanda Whittemore Talks Property Management Software

"The possibilities are endless, and it feels like we could manage all of New York through Yardi Breeze Premier." Amanda Whittemore Office Administrator, Century 21 Agate Realty

Meet Amanda Whittemore, dedicated office administrator at Century 21 Agate Realty in Brookings, Oregon, and enthusiastic advocate of Yardi Breeze Premier. At her company, Amanda plays a pivotal role in managing an array of properties including self storage, commercial and manufactured housing.

She skillfully navigates all three distinct accounts, each one tailored to a specific property type. Amanda’s admiration for Breeze Premier stems from its user-friendly design and visually pleasing interface, which not only enhances her workflow but also aligns perfectly with her organizational objectives.

In her own words, hear why Century 21 Agate Realty is thriving and how Breeze Premier is helping their team make it happen.

What’s your role at the company?

As office administrator, my role is pretty dynamic. My manager and I even joke about how I wear so many hats. This includes receiving payments, searching for information in the system, managing reports, answering tenant questions and handling lease administration.

What’s it like using the same platform for different markets?

Using the same platform for different types of properties simplifies things considerably. It’s like having a neatly organized file cabinet, with each drawer dedicated to a different property type. This organization makes it easier to find what I’m looking for without having to sift through our entire portfolio. For instance, I can directly access a specific storage property without navigating through every facility we manage.

Did Breeze Premier feel intuitive to get started with?

Getting started with Breeze Premier was quite intuitive. Even when I encountered something unfamiliar, the live chat support was incredibly helpful. They provided immediate assistance, guiding me on how to do things as needed. It’s been a straightforward learning experience.

Is there a feature that’s particularly useful?

Yes, I love the dashboard map. I don’t even have to navigate any menus to find a property. I can just click on the property from the map and quickly access the property or tenant account I need. This saves a lot of time, and aesthetically, it’s pleasing and easy to use.

What does Breeze Premier do for your office that makes it worthwhile?

The software really helps us save time and money. We’re able to perform numerous tasks in one place. Especially in accounting, it simplifies our processes, allowing us to work directly on a single system without juggling multiple programs.

How does Breeze Premier fit into the future of your business?

Looking ahead, it’s a perfect fit for our business’s future. We can customize everything, tailoring each customer request based on the company and situation. The possibilities are endless, and it feels like we could manage all of New York through Yardi Breeze Premier. Everything we need is right at our fingertips.