50 Property Management Acronyms Explained


New to the industry? You’re bound to come across some unfamiliar industry lingo in the form of property management acronyms. It doesn’t take long to see that property managers, owners, investors and even software providers have a way of speaking in shorthand. For instance, it’s a lot faster to say “IRO,” as a single word (or with each letter individually pronounced), than to keep saying “independent rental owner.”

Property management acronyms

Speaking shorthand make sense for those with industry exposure. Unfortunately, too many acronyms can make it difficult for newcomers to jump into jargon-heavy or industry-related conversations, professional development sessions, articles and reports. Plus, there are hundreds of real estate and property management acronyms.

That’s why we defined some of the most frequently used terms. The following property management acronyms are listed in alphabetical order.

Property management acronyms

  1. AHI        affordable housing industry  
  2. ARM      Accredited Residential Manager
  3. BGF       Better Government Fund
  4. BOMA   Building Owners & Managers Association
  5. CAM      Common Area Maintenance
  6. CEC       Continuing Education Credit
  7. CPM      Certified Property Manager
  8. CRE       Commercial Real Estate
  9. DHS       Department of Homeland Security 
  10. DOJ       U.S. Department of Justice 
  11. DOL       U.S. Department of Labor 
  12. EIN         Employee Identification Number 
  13. EPA        Environmental Protection Agency
  14. FEMA    Federal Emergency Management Agency 
  15. FHAP     Fair Housing Assistance Program
  16. FHEO     Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity
  17. FMR       Fair Market Rents 
  18. FSBO     For Sale By Owner
  19. GPR       gross potential rent 
  20. HCCP     Housing Credit Certified Professional
  21. HCV       Housing Choice Voucher
  22. HERA     Housing Education and Research Association 
  23. HOA       Homeowners Association
  24. HOME   Home Investment Partnerships
  25. HUD       U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
  26. ILS         Internet Listing Service
  27. IREM     Institute of Real Estate Management
  28. IRO        Independent Rental Owner
  29. IROP      Independent Rental Owner Professional
  30. IROC      Independent Rental Owners Committee 
  31. LIHTC     Low-Income Housing Tax Credit
  32. LLC         Limited Liability Corporation
  33. MH         manufactured housing
  34. MHI       Manufactured Housing Institute
  35. NAA       National Apartment Association
  36. NAR       National Association of Realtors 
  37. NFPA     National Fire Protection Association 
  38. NGBS     National Green Building Standard 
  39. NGO      Non-Governmental Organization   
  40. NIMBY Not In My Backyard 
  41. NMHC   National Multifamily Housing Council
  42. NOI        net operating income
  43. OO         Owner Occupied
  44. PAC        Political Action Committee 
  45. PHA       Public Housing Authority
  46. REIT       real estate investment trust 
  47. RFP        request for proposal 
  48. ROI         return on investment
  49. RPM      Residential Property Management
  50. SaaS      software as a service 

If you’d like to see a larger list, check out these property management acronyms from NAA.