Owner Reporting Made Simple For Property Managers


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Dread the thought of end-of-the-month paperwork? You’re not alone. Property management and owner reporting can be a hassle, especially if it involves managing multiple spreadsheets and getting the mail out on time.

But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be. Automation is making it easier than ever to speed up the reporting process. Keep reading to learn how to impress property owners with the refreshingly simple reports and quick communication tools in Yardi Breeze.

Generate owner statements and reports with just a few clicks. Customize reports by owner or property, then share the results in seconds via secure owner portals or email.

Owner reporting made simple: icons showing a report being made

How owner reports works in Breeze

Reporting is faster than ever with Breeze. Just set up a report packet with the monthly reports you want to send. You can customize multiple report packets to generate exactly the collection of reports you want.

The owner statement report in Breeze lists all transactions for an owner’s properties, within a given time. If a property has more than one owner, its individual owner statements will automatically reflect income and expenses based on the percentage owned.

You can also automatically create owner ledgers to include in your report packets that show only one owner or all owners of a property.

When it’s time to do your reporting, simply select a report packet and the month. Then select an owner and/or a property. Click Display and the report packet will automatically appear in the bottom half of your screen.

Do you have an owner with multiple properties? Check the box next to Consolidate to create a portfolio report instead of reporting per property.

How to make owner communications easier

Breeze owner portals make it easy to communicate with property owners. Owner portals are a secure place to share documents like reports, leases and any files that might be pertinent to an owner’s properties. Owners can also see a snapshot view of each of their properties.

Property owners receive a login and can access their portal at any time. They will see only the information you choose to share with them. This convenient access helps both you and the owner by increasing transparency and cutting down on phone calls.

The owner portal is the fastest way to share your reports. When you run a report, you can instantly publish it to the owner portal. Owners can then log in and view current and past reports.

You can easily email reports to your owners too. Just a few clicks and the monthly report will be on its way.

Get advanced owner reporting features with Yardi Breeze Premier

Breeze Premier is built on the same easy-to-use platform as Breeze. In addition to dozens of advanced features that help you market and manage your properties, it gives you more control over your reports.

Every owner is different, and Breeze Premier lets you cater each report to them with a finer level of detail. This includes:

  • Tailored report packets published to the owner portal
  • Account trees
  • Adhoc reporting (client-built)
  • Full, custom YSR reports (an optional Yardi service)
  • Budget comparison reporting
  • Maintenance & inspections reporting
  • Job cost reporting
  • CAM rec reporting
  • Investment Manager reporting

Compare property performance within a portfolio

Wish you could put a microscope up to your properties to see what’s going on inside each one? Want to compare assets and amenities to see where your tenants are finding the most value? Breeze Premier’s property comparison function gives you incredible analytical capabilities to help you maximize the ROI of every investment you make within your portfolio.

Already a Breeze user and want a little help?

If you’re a Breeze user who wants to learn more about the great owner tools available to you, you have a few options. First, log in and check out our reporting articles in the Help Center. Then, check out the live training schedule to join one of our weekly webinars or use the live chat window to talk instantly with one of our support techs. It’s that simple.