Let Yardi Make A Professional Website For Your Business


Did you know that most local marketers think of Google as the “homepage” of their business? There’s a good chance that prospects will discover your properties because they read about you on Google (as opposed to your website). In fact, most people discover new things, such as restaurants, shopping centers and even rental properties, on Google.

Does that mean property managers don’t need to bother with a website? Far from it. Here’s why you should let Yardi design your property marketing website.

Three screens to show that Yardi make your property management business a professional website

Most prospects will look for your site

It’s true that most people will discover your business on Google. However, according to a NMHC/Kingsley Apartment Renter Preferences Report, nearly 80% of rental prospects will visit a property management company’s website. If these potential renters can’t find you online, they’re likely to find someone else.

The good news is that you don’t have to be wealthy or a programmer to have a website. In fact, Yardi Breeze experts will work with you to build a great-looking site that attracts customers, displays your properties and makes it easy for prospects to reach you.

We make the site you want

When you choose to add a corporate site online or over the phone with us, you’ll get a confirmation message that someone will be in touch shortly. A Breeze website expert will then set up a time for a kick-off call. By the time we’re done talking, you’ll have a good sense of what your finished product will look like.

We’ll walk you through your new professional website

After we “hand you the keys” to the finished site, the site will be up and running. We’ll walk you through all your new features and functions:

  • Resident/applicant login buttons
  • Landing pages on the site
  • “Apply Now” buttons and other important calls to action
  • Your property map and listings
  • Everything else built into your custom site

Updating your info is easy

Your website will be connected to your Breeze account. That means you can quickly update basic information within your Breeze portal (e.g., amenities, office hours, property photos).

If you need to change something else, such as color schemes or branding, our team can be reached via email.

You get important SEO benefits

With a professional website, you increase the chances that your properties come up in an online search. This process is known as search engine optimization (SEO), and it’s important. Basically, there’s a lot that happens in the back end that you and your site visitors don’t see. All this “invisible” code helps make your website easier to find. It also helps you rank higher in search results.

Plus, we want you to be able to measure the success of your website marketing. It’s easy. Just provide us with your Google Analytics Tag. We’ll add it to the website code, so you can track how many people are visiting your site, which pages they spend the most time on, etc.

It’s optimized for mobile

Breeze optimizes your professional website for mobile use. In 2018, over half of all online searches were done on mobile devices. What’s more, the number of mobile users is expected to continue growing, so it’s important that your website looks good on phones and tablets.

Add a chatbot to your site

Did you know chatbots can help property managers do their jobs? You can get Chat IQ as an add-on to Yardi Breeze Premier and RentCafe Leasing. It will handle all renter inquiries for you, so you and your team can focus on higher-level tasks. Its natural language processor lets prospects and current residents ask just about anything related to your property, even working around typos and grammar errors.

If you’re ready to see more, check out the Chat IQ brochure.

Our professional websites are affordably priced

Websites can be expensive to build, but Yardi saves you money by streamlining design, security and creativity. You’ll pay a one-time setup fee, as well as a low monthly payment that covers our hosting fees and management costs.

If you’re already a Breeze user and want to talk to us about making a site, give us a call at 800-866-1144.

And if you’re not with us yet, now is as good a time as any to request a free demo!