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Our Team Crushes Working Remote & So Can You!


The Yardi Breeze team is practicing social distancing while continuing to serve the industry at large. Each and every one of us wants to thank the doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, caregivers, shop workers, truck drivers and others who are on the front lines keeping us safe and healthy so that we can focus on taking care of our clients and the communities where we live and work. Countless others have been affected as well. Here’s how our team is working remote.

Yardi Breeze team working remote

Aaron Hanel, senior sales manager

Aaron Hanel working remote

My work from home transition has been effortless as I work from home, typically early in the mornings, before heading into the office. Still, I miss the ability to collaborate and get answers quickly. I miss the socialization and learning more about my teams.

Other things that have worked out well. I get to see my young kids and wife every day and can take quick breaks to spend time with them. As you can see, I desperately need a haircut. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Lexi Beausoleil, marketing campaign specialist

Lexi Beausoleil working remote

As mom to a young and boisterous toddler, this has felt like going from one full-time job to two-and-a-half! I admit I feel a spot of envy hearing others talk about how bored they are and seeing posts about creative projects. We just moved a few weeks before this, so the extent of my handiness has been setting up a temporary home office in our new guestroom with a folding table from the garage. I am sharing this space (as well as the increased childcare and household duties) with my wonderful husband. Overlapping conference calls have been interesting to manage, but I am making it through thanks in large part to our great teamwork and the support of my very understanding and helpful colleagues.

Scott Moseley, senior graphic designer

Scott Moseley working remote

Transitioning to a remote workflow in our home with a four and a six year old has its obvious challenges, but overall it’s been great. My wife is also working from home so it’s just one big, happy, productive family. (Ha.)

Despite the challenges, I really love being able to see more of my family throughout the day and even love the small interruptions, like when my kids pop in to show me what they found outside, for a quick hug, or to show off what they have drawn on each other’s faces. 

Other added bonuses are that I can take the kids for bike rides or nature walks during lunch, and we rarely have to drive our vehicles.

I feel very fortunate that our company is so technologically forward and our team has the tools we need to communicate and get quality work done.

Amy Varbel, director of marketing 

Amy Varbel working remote

Honestly, I thought the transition to WFH would be harder. But we have a great team and a great company support system that made it all fairly seamless. As a renter myself, a perk about my “home office” (aka my bedroom) is that just beyond my computer on a tiny red desk is a big window which looks out into nature’s playground. I’ve seen squirrels, chipmunks, cats, bunnies, doves, jays, robins, hummingbirds, crows, finches — you name it. I might just become a birder yet.

Max Glassburg, marketing writer

Max Glassburg working remote

My work from home adjustment has been smooth overall. Of course, I’ve now taken over the kitchen table. I found a second monitor to replicate office conditions, but the high table required me to get creative in making risers for it. A toolbox and portable record player just happened to be the perfect height. Leo (pictured) is getting a lot of attention lately, which seems to suit him just fine. Oh, and I don’t actually wear a hat while I work, but I haven’t been able to get a haircut, so there’s kind of a disaster situation happening. (The hat hides the shame.)

Mark Coverdale, senior sales manager

Mark Coverdale working remote

The switch to working from home has been more successful than I anticipated. Our sales team is based in offices across the US, so we’re no strangers to conducting business over the phone, via web presentations and though video conferencing. Although we may not have all the resources we’re used to in the office, productivity is great, team morale is high and the communication has been excellent. In fact, we are sharing our webcams for internal meetings more than ever before.

On a personal note, my family are usually out of the house at school or work, and on a weekend we’re always out hiking, at the beach, playing sports or doing something outdoors. Now, you’ll find us scattered around the house during the week: I’m generally working from our home office, my wife is working from the breakfast bar, my fourth grader is completing school work and conducting online classes from her bedroom and my first grader is typically running around the house, trying to avoid her schoolwork. We’re checking in for screen breaks, coming together for meals, playing some backyard basketball and enjoying weekend movie nights for that much needed (and loved) family time. 

Kristin Van Ramshorst, social media specialist

Kristin Van Ramshorst working remote

Although I’m accustomed to working remotely, my household recently transitioned to being at home too. My dogs (one is pictured) are pretty happy to be getting extra pets, treats and attention these days since we’re not out on walks and hikes like usual.

If working from home is new to you, here are a few things that have worked for me.

  • Find or create a dedicated workspace. (It’s okay to get creative!)
  • Schedule a daily 10-minute check-in with yourself to go over your daily tasks and high-priority deadlines.
  • Stay connected with your team and clients using email, messaging platforms and social media.
  • As tempting as it is, don’t skip lunch or scheduled breaks.
  • Have an end-of-day routine to signify the day’s end — make this a habit.