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Who Should Do Swimming Pool Maintenance At Your Properties?


Ah, the great American swimming pool. A place to dive in, cool off, get social, avoid loose band-aids, scream at floating chocolate bars—whoa, back up. We’re here to talk about swimming pool maintenance. Let’s start this over.

Swimming pools can be an excellent addition to any resident retention strategy, but they take a lot of work to keep clean. The pH and chlorine levels need to be checked several times a week. The surface needs to be skimmed weekly. The filters need to be cleaned monthly. And there are other periodic tasks as well! Who’s in charge of all this stuff?

Let’s take a look at multifamily and single-family residences and explore who is responsible for pool maintenance at each property type.

Who is responsible for swimming pool maintenance in single-family and multifamily residences

Who is in charge of swimming pool maintenance at a single-family home?

Residents of single-family homes need to know who is responsible for swimming pool maintenance. Is it their responsibility or yours? In some leases, the resident assumes responsibility for daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Other times, the property manager handles the work and includes the cost in the rent. To avoid conflict, it’s important that residents know what maintenance they are paying for by including the details in their lease.

That means property managers must ensure residents understand their leases. You should go over the pool section with them. You may also want to create a digital reference document or scan a paper one and upload it to your tenant portal.

Periodic maintenance (done annually or every few years) is important for swimming pool safety but sometimes gets left out of leases. For instance, a lease may cover who is in charge of draining and refilling the pool. But does it include who is responsible for the higher water/heating bill when this task is done? Be sure to think of every little detail.

Periodic maintenance tends to be expensive and time-consuming work. Residents are unlikely to agree to do these jobs if the terms weren’t clear in the lease.

Who is in charge of swimming pool maintenance at a multifamily residence?

Residents in multifamily homes are not responsible for swimming pool maintenance. Usually, the property manager schedules all maintenance and cleaning. However, it’s important to post safety and terms-of-use signs in the pool area. Residents need to know that they are swimming at their own risk.

Property managers are responsible for safety and pool maintenance, but tenants still share some accountability. They must obey no-diving and running rules, wear appropriate footwear and keep the gate locked. As long as the rules are clear and they’ve signed off that they understand them, property managers may be able to avoid blame in the event of an accident or violation.

Use Yardi Breeze to update your swimming pool addendum

In addition to figuring out who is in charge of swimming pool maintenance, property managers may want to create a pool addendum with a lawyer. Well-placed caution signs may not cover you in the event of an accident or injury. This might be more expensive than writing it yourself, but it will cost a lot less than a lawsuit.

If you’re a Yardi Breeze user, you and your residents will have access to the pool addendum through your tenant portal. It can be easily updated at any time, and residents can quickly e-sign the document.


Please note that our swimming pool maintenance advice does not constitute or replace legal advice. We hope this information is helpful, and we encourage you to do more research.